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Custom size:

by inches
Mounting options:
Back Float Mount HD metal printing
4 stand off metal pieces HD metal printing with Stand off
Decorative Moulding Acrylic Printing
No mounting (Photo Panel only) HD metal printing

HD metal print 30 x 20 inches With Back Floating Mount

Price:   $294    $176

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All substrates are made with recycled material, and are 100% recyclable

Instead of printing images directly on the metal surface, which may scratch easily, the image is infused into the coating to provide permanent protection with high- definition fidelity.

During the high-definition dye sublimation process, your image is first printed onto a sheet of transfer paper, which is then placed on a specialized, pre-treated piece of aluminum. We place the metal into the ChromaLuxe sublimation heat press, which heats the transfer paper to the perfect temperature for a reliable transfer, yielding vibant deep color and to provide permanent protection. .

Because the dyes are infused beneath the exterior coating of the metal, these high-definition prints are scratch resistant. And forget about fingerprints—a light, microfiber cloth, household cleaner & waffle weave drying cloth, will leave your artwork looking as good as new for nearly forever! This new technology and material has been revolutionary for the healthcare industry due to the surface of the material being so easy to clean & maintain.

This high-definition dye sublimation process allows for the rendering of exact details and brilliant colors with superior durability & fidelity. Additional benefits include lightweight, scratch resistant, and ease-of-installation yielding simplified art hanging logistics. ChromaLuxe high-definition print media will transform any home or commercial interior into a luxurious, world-class design experience!


We process all our images at 300 dpi (PPI) Don't enlarge your image, we will take care of it. We do suggest you send sRGB, the highest quality JPG format.

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No. Our HD Metal Print ChromaLuxe’s unique coating allows prints to be showcased without the need for glass. ChromaLuxe metal prints are scratch resistant, waterproof, can be touched, and are easy to clean.

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The White Gloss Metal printing will render your image exactly as you see on your screen, with vibrant colors and bright white print with a Glossy look. The Silver Gloss metal will make the light area of your image silver, we will print on a silver metal sheet so the white portion of your image will shine with metallic and glossy effect, creating an artistic look.

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Unlike other photo print media, ChromaLuxe metal prints are easy to clean. The metal prints can be cleaned with a cloth and any all-purpose household cleaner. The cleaner can be sprayed directly on the surface of the print and then wiped with a cloth as needed.

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ChromaLuxe metal prints were tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research and achieved a permanence rating of more than 60 years using two distinct ink sets. This rating is more than three times better than silver halide photo papers.

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The HD metal is printed with a compressor that heats the ink on a chromaluxe metal creating a smooth finish to showcase a highly-defined image.

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Our Back Float Frame mount is about 1 inch thick. So your art, when hanged from the wall will be floating away at 1 inch from the wall.

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Both Acrylic and HD Metal print will provide a very similar high reflection glass effect with vivid colors and come with the same exact mounting options. In some conditions it will be hard to differenciate them! The HD Metal Print will be able to render slightly richer black, brighter white and more saturated colors. This is an advantage if you want to generate a high impact colorful and contrasted result. Max size is 60x40 The Acrylic print will provide very precise and sharp details, and the thickness of the acrylic (1/8 or 3/16 inches) will provide a nice optical depth. And you can reach larger print size up to 96x60. If your image doesn't require to reach extreme color gamut and very high contrast, you will be very fine with acrylic print that still provide very vivid result with a smaller budget.

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Yes our HD metal print process is waterproof, we are using a chemical sublimation technology and this process is water resistant. The only thing you have to note is that the Back Frame mounting option is based on wood and is not guaranteed to last long on a humid environment, we would suggest to use metal pieces stand off as a mounting option or the metal sheet only.

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Pictorem achieve high-definition detailing and stunning color integrity with ChromaLuxe’s signature metal prints. Imagine your environment, illuminated by the beauty and clarity of a ChromaLuxe metal print.

Print Technology & Process

Developed using the latest advancements in performance imaging, this innovative versatile solution includes our exclusive PrecisionCore™ TFP® print head, 8-channel, drop-on-demand, along with our latest dye-sublimation ink technology - Epson UltraChrome® DS with High Density Black, then fused into an original Chromaluxe metal plate.

Printing Resolution

Pictorem prints at 1440 x 720 optimized dpi


UltraChrome Dye-Sublimation ink.
Epson UltraChrome™ DS ink produces an extreme color gamut with improved black density for rich blacks and better transitions and gray scale.
Features the full spectrum of brilliant UltraChrome DS6 ink, including Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent Yellow, for exceptional colour saturation and brightness.

Media Used

Pictorem is using Chromaluxe panels. It's state-of-the-art coating can capture the minute details that elevate your image to the extraordinary.
Optimized for photography and engineered to last a lifetime, the high-performance photo panels manufactured by ChromaLuxe can bring even the smallest details to life by allowing images to be infused directly into sheets of metal,

Min & Max Dimension

8" x8" to 60"x40"

Environment Usage

Greenguard Gold Certified

Use, Care & maintenance

Always use a very soft microfiber or damp cloth.
Does not require a special cleaner and any non-ammonia cleaner such as Windex can be used

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Steve GleggUSA
Pictorem made it an amazing focal point in our home and a cherished memory of our trip. Lisa provided excellent service and we will use their service again! We love it! 
Trae ReedProvision UAS
I just placed a 28 piece special order from Pictorem. It was my second order; the first was equally impressive. Fabien oversaw the entire process from start to finish. He offered an unbeatable price given the quantity. I knew the product was good, but they really care about the end result and it shows. DHL delivered 28 pieces of oversized canvas and I instantly felt safe knowing they had been wrapped and packaged with professional care. Very well done guys...Promised a great product & over-delivered it; very happy in down in Arkansas. 
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